Membership & Benefits

Welcome Aboard!


If you haven’t renewed your CPS membership recently, perhaps you forgot some of our amazing benefits!

  • Safety and Peace of Mind & the right to fly the CPS flag
  • Big Insurance Discounts Certification for Canadian and US Waters
  • Canadian Yachting Magazine Subscription
  • Affordable and Fun Events
  • Pacific Yachting Magazine Subscription
  • Discounted Courses
  • Significant discounts at many boating and local retailers
  • Avoid steep fines and/or boat seizures
  • Huge Discounts with C-Tow Marine Assistance
  • Hotel and Car Rental Discounts
  • Free Boat Safety Inspections
  • Discounts on lost PCOC and VHF card replacements
  • For more information on member benefits click here.

Membership renewal costs less than you think and the benefits are fantastic! So now you are probably thinking to yourself, “how do I become a member?” or “how do I renew?”